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The fastest no code app builder for JD Edwards

OrchestratorBot is a no-code SaaS platform to let business analysts easily create applications based on the JD Edwards Orchestrator. Create applications from Orchestrations to simplify complex JDE processes such as Purchase Order Entry. Once created these simple applications can be used on Web, Mobile or from within Microsoft Teams and Outlook (or any combination of these platforms).

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OrchestratorBot can be set-up in hours. Do you want to start with the free plan, a demo or a call for some more background?

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How it works

OrchestratorBot runs in the cloud and connects directly to your JD Edwards AIS Server.The SaaS platform connects over a secure connection to your JD Edwards environment, whether this runs on-premise or in the cloud.

OrchestratorBot can be easily configured to connect to your JD Edwards Environment.  Business Analysts can then create applications using the intuitive studio application.  Each App (or Botflow) is based on a JD Edwards Orchestration. A Botflow can be easily created using the Orchestration inputs and outputs. Botflows can run in an app container (available for IOS and Android) as well as in MS-Teams, MS-Outlook and Whatsapp.

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Security and Reliability

OrchestratorBot runs on the highly secure and stable AWS platform, securely connecting to your JD Edwards AIS server. OrchestratorBot is a certified ‘Well Architected’ AWS application, meaning it meets every one of the high design standards required by AWS. OrchestratorBot is also certified as an Oracle Validated Integration making it a proven and Oracle approved JD Edwards solution.

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