Berel goes live with Orchestratorbot!

Yesterday Berel Pinturas went live with Orchestratorbot. Berel Pinturas swiftly went from initial contact and demo to a successful Proof of Concept and finally production Go-live in just a few months.

After a first impactful demo in July, Berel Pinturas prepared and implemented its AIS server infrastructure and by late August, OrchestratorBot was seamlessly integrated into the Berel Pinturas JD Edwards environment. September and October were dedicated to meticulous testing, ensuring all Berel-specific use cases and requirements were met. In November the preparations were made for the following Go-live.
Berel Pinturas had a successful launch with 55 users and two initial applications (Botflows). One for approving Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Requisitions in JD Edwards, as well as a second application for releasing Credit and other hold codes on newly created Sales Orders, also in JD Edwards. Berel Pinturas is primarily using Microsoft Teams but also the Microsoft Outlook and WhatsApp channels.

About Berel Pinturas:
Established in 1937 to meet the demand for surface protection and decoration products, Berel Pinturas has experienced significant growth and evolved into a stalwart brand known for its unwavering commitment to quality, diversity, and competitive pricing. Berel’s products undergo rigorous testing in a modern and well-equipped research and development laboratory before being introduced to the market. The company also provides support, training, and advice to its distributors and users. (https://www.berel.com.mx/)

About Hight.io:
Hight.io delivers AI driven SaaS solutions on the edge of the ERP and CRM landscape. Besides Reducr.io for AP Automation, Hight.io delivers SaaS solutions for Low Code development (OrchestratorBot), Document Management (JDOX) and Open Banking integration (Swiftfin).